The BC3 Companies are a corporation -minded leadership in the manufacture of furniture for the home and more specifically , specialized in kitchen furniture , wardrobe and bathroom .

The BC3 brand is created in 1996 , formed by companies CENDISA, BRICOLEVANTE and BRICOSURESTE, companies that had as a common feature, the primacy in their respective geographical areas of operation. Following the creation of the brand , our areas of activity were increased with the creation of new companies: BRICOLEADER VALENCIA, SEVILLA and BRICOLEADER CATALUNYA. The objective of our Company since its creation , has been leveraging the common potential of these companies and the synergies resulting from its binding to BC3 position as a benchmark in the industry at the Spanish market, as well as projects emerging from international markets .

BC3 Kitchens


The BC3 Companies focus , in terms of home furnishings sector in the following areas:

- Manufacture and distribution of furniture and kitchen cabinet.
- Furnishing of Construction and Major Projects.
- Export.

Manufacture and distribution of furniture for kitchen cabinet and wardrobe.

Our companies : CENDISA, BRICOLEVANTE, BRICOSURESTE, BRICOLEADER VALENCIA, BRICOLEADER SEVILLA and BRICOLEADER CATALUNYA engaged in the manufacture and distribution of kitchen furniture , not as mere components , but as projects completely finished furniture, which are delivered to through an extensive network of distributors. Our scope of service ranges from specialized studios to bigs comercials stores.

Furnishingt for Constuctors and Major Projects.

Fundamental activity of BC3 is ther relationship with various construction companies for decoration and design of housing developments .


BC3 currently maintains trade links outside the European Union with Russia , Dominican Republic , Saudi Arabia , Algeria, Morocco, French Guiana, Martinica, Guadalupe, Puerto Rico, etc...

Also maintained trade relations with different countries of the European Union.

BC3 Kitchens


In BC3 Kitchens maintain the philosophy of offering our customers the most accurate and up-to-day market product offering, since given our production system based on the selection of the best specialists in each of the segments of the production chain and with the highest level of requirements in quality and service, we can offer our customers a renewed repertoire of models in all finishes, and all the necessary technical solutions to the perfect implementation of your project cooking, personalized for each user demand services whether individual or collective kitchen for new housing.

BC3 Kitchens


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